Dan Herman: Director of International Programs

A native of Milwaukee, Dan completed his B.A. in History and Hebrew Studies at the University of Wisconsin, and is a graduate of BINA's Tikkun Olam and Bagatzim programs. During his army service, Dan served in the Foreign Liaison's unit of the IDF Strategic Division. In the past, Dan worked in BINA's Beit Midrash division, was a counselor for Tikkun Olam, and was Director of Admissions & Recruitment. Today, Dan is the Director of the BINA International Department. Dan is also studying toward his MBA with an emphasis on non-profit management at The University of Haifa.

Yuval Linden: Director of Mechina & Gap Year Programs

Born In Jerusalem, Yuval is an educator in the field of general history, Jewish studies, and politics. He is a graduate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with a B.A. in History and Government & Politics. Yuval recently finished his M.A. in History at Tel Aviv University. In addition to teaching in both formal and informal frameworks, Yuval is also a qualified tour guide in Israel and eastern Europe, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Sasha Gold: Education and Leadership Coordinator

Sasha grew up in London and made aliyah in 2012. After working for a year for her former youth movement as a madricha (counselor) on their gap year program, Sasha found her place at BINA and has not looked back since, working in a number of roles including Director of Admissions, Gap Year Coordinator, and Coordinator for Tikkun Olam. This year, Sasha's taking a broader role creating the educational curriculum and process for BINA's long-term, post-college programs. Sasha has a BA in English and has just finished her MA in Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University. When not working she likes to go to the beach, cook curry, and make the most of the Tel Aviv life!

Zoë Edelman: Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Zoe is from Glasgow, Scotland and holds a B.A. in Environment and Business from the University of Leeds. Zoe grew up in the Jewish and Zionist youth world in the UK, and after a gap year in Israel after high school, she had a very strong feeling she’d make aliyah one day - which she did in April 2018, just a few days before Israel’s 70th birthday! Zoe lives in Tel Aviv and enjoys walking around the city, discovering new cafés, graffiti, and cultural events that are always going on around town.

Ariel Magal: Coordinator of Marketing & Outreach

Ariel is the Coordinator of Marketing & Outreach in BINA’s International Department and is also Director of BINA’s IDF Programs Department. Ariel has a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Political Science from Hebrew University.  Ariel recently returned from two years on Long Island, NY where he served as a Jewish Agency Shaliach (emissary). Previously, Ariel worked for Young Judaea in Israel as an educator and director of the logistics department. Ariel is also a Major in the IDF reserves and has served in the Negev Brigade since 2001. Ariel is excited to be on the BINA team so that he can contribute to Israeli society and live out his passion for Jewish education. Ariel lives in Kibbutz Regavim in the North of Israel with his wife Shira and their three children Yael, Rotem and Omri.

Elliot Glassenberg: Director of Content Development; Senior Educator

Elliot is an American-Canadian-Israeli Queer Jewish educator-activist. A native of Chicago, Elliot holds a B.A. from McGill University, an M.A. in Jewish Education and an M.A. in Jewish Literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Elliot worked in the field of Jewish education in North America until he decided he wanted to change the world and came to Israel on Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa (a joint program of BINA and the Daniel Centers). After the program, Elliot stayed in Israel and has been with BINA ever since. Elliot is active in various communities and causes including: refugee rights, LGBTQ rights, and Jewish pluralism. Elliot lives in Jaffa and likes human rights, learning new languages, and eating ice cream.

Liat Sivek: Onward Israel Internship Coordinator & Hebrew Ulpan Coordinator (Tikkun Olam, MITF, GAP)

Liat is a history graduate from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, with a specialization in Jewish Medieval philosophy. She worked with the Overseas Student program at BGU, and an alumnus of the Ayalim Association for social involvement in the Negev. She lived for 3 years working as a Hebrew teacher and moderator of a Beit Midrash program in the Israeli Cultural Center in Budapest, Hungary. Liat currently works for BINA as a placement coordinator of the Onward Internship program and as an Ulpan teacher. She lives in Raanana, is married to Oded and is mother to Yoav. 

Nitzan Shreiber: Co-Coordinator of BINA MITF Jerusalem

Nitzan Shreiber was raised in Haifa and moved to Jerusalem several years ago for school, fell in love with the city, and stayed. She is very excited to share her love of Jerusalem and its people with the Jerusalem MITF fellows! Nitzan holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Islam and is currently a pursuing graduate studies in Psychology. Nitzan likes to dance, write, chat with different people, and to work with all kinds of plastic arts.

Danna Price: Co-Coordinator of BINA MITF Jerusalem

Originally from New Jersey, USA, Danna made aliyah to Israel in 2012 and served as a lone soldier while living on Kibbutz Maale Gilboa. Danna now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and is completing her degree in Informal Education. Danna thinks Jerusalem is the craziest most beautiful city on Earth. Danna loves to hike and stay active and her dream is to be with puppies all the time.

David Oz: Coordinator of BINA MITF Nazareth

David Oz was born in New York and lived in Atlanta, Georgia for most of his life until making aliyah. Today David lives in the beautiful Moshava Menachemia on the banks of the Jordan River. David loves hiking the Land of Israel, eating its food and arguing with its people; and David thinks the North of Israel is perfect nexus for all of the above.

Mai Brown: Coordinator of BINA MITF Rahat

Mai Brown is originally from Tel Aviv but now lives in Beer Sheva. In addition to working at BINA, Mai is studying social work at Sapir College. Mai loves yoga, reading and traveling around Israel and the world!

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