BINA Gap Year in Israel 

 Live|Learn|Volunteer in Israel with Israelis 

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BINA Gap Year in Tel Aviv is a life-changing 10-month experience that combines: communal living with Israelis, experiential learning, hands-on volunteering, travel, and leadership training - 

with tracks in Tel Aviv and Haifa.



Our gap year participants don't live in a bubble!

On BINA Gap Year, you'll be in a real Israeli Mechina (post high school, pre-army program), living, learning, traveling and volunteering together with Israelis your own age.


You'll learn Hebrew through both classes and immersion, and make friends for a lifetime!


Explore Jewish and Israeli culture from a secular and cultural perspective with an emphasis on social justice! Enjoy:

  • Interactive courses at the BINA Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv

  • Guest speakers and activities in Tel Aviv

  • Trips and travel across Israel

  • Learning through doing...AND MORE!


Engage in real, impactful, hands-on social action in the community where you live. Get to know the diverse populations of Tel Aviv including new immigrants and refugees. Connect your studies to real issues of social justice: poverty, environment, migration and more.


Work in teams to create the year that you want, planning trips, activities and events for the whole group!

Learn to be independent and gain essential life skills: budgeting, organizing, planning, managing and more!


BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change is an Israeli movement at the forefront of social activism and Jewish pluralism in Israel. Every year, BINA reaches over 50,000 Israelis and individuals from around the world through social, educational and community programs.

As a BINA Gap Year participant, you'll be a part of a diverse community of Israelis and internationals working toward social change through study and action.

I’ve spent my days learning at BINA’s south Tel Aviv-based Secular Yeshiva, applying ancient Jewish texts to our understanding of contemporary Israel. The gap year program attracts international students and Israelis alike, all interested in creating a rich relationship with Judaism outside of its traditional religious expressions. We then apply our studies in the classroom to our neighborhood of South Tel Aviv, working and learning alongside African refugees and immigrants.

Ariela Katzman-Jacobson

"In search of the next big thing" (The Jewish Voice)

Chat with Us!
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