Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is a 10-month fellowship for Jewish college graduates, between the ages of 20 and 35, who want to teach English in Israel and contribute to Israel in meaningful ways.


MITF Fellows get paid to teach English and also receive fully furnished housing, flight reimbursement, professional training, educational enrichment and trips, Hebrew classes, and more!

MITF is supported by the Israel Ministry of Education and Masa Israel Journey.

MITF Tel Aviv+ is operated by BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change.



MITF Tel Aviv+ gives you the best of both worlds!

Live and teach English in Tel Aviv for 5 months PLUS live and teach English for 5 months in one of Israel’s smaller cities: Beit She'an, Nazareth, Ramla or Rahat. With this dual-city track, you get to experience and contribute to different parts and communities of Israel! 

Applications for MITF 2020-2021 are opening soon!
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Teach English for 5 months in Tel Aviv


Teach English for 5 months in a small city of your choice

+Beit She'an    +Nazareth    +Rahat    +Ramla

Israel’s “City that Never Sleeps” is a vibrant location with a fascinating culture, stunning beaches, beautiful sunsets, and a lively nightlife. Tel Aviv-Yafo is home to an ethnically diverse community, housing subgroups including secular and religious Jews, Arabs, foreign workers, asylum seekers and refugees. Tel Aviv is also the LGBTQ capital of Israel.
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+ Beit She'an
A small and welcoming city in the beautiful Southern Galilee, Beit She’an is home to a diverse local community and is known for its warmth, hospitality, and familial atmosphere. The breathtaking scenery and national park create beautiful opportunities for Fellows to hike along the many springs that flow in the nearby valley.
+ Nazareth
Located in the Jezreel Valley, in Israel’s Lower Galilee region, Nazareth is known for its mixed Arab-Jewish population and beautiful green vistas. As the largest Arab city in Israel, Nazareth has a deep history dating back thousands of years. Today, it is a vibrant center of Arab-Israeli life as well as a window into the authentic Middle Eastern spirit. 
+ Rahat
Rahat is the first and largest Bedouin city in Israel, located in the Negev region, just 15 minutes from Be’er Sheva. Work at the forefront of Arab-Jewish coexistence within the Arab sector of the Israeli school system. Schools in Rahat are large, warm, and colorful, staffed with Bedouin and Jewish teachers.
+ Ramla
Ramla is located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and is a brief bus or train ride from either city. It's a beautiful blend of ancient and modern, featuring historic landmarks and a lively market. Ramla is home to a richly diverse population of Jewish and Arab Israelis and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

  • Gain leadership & teaching skills to prepare you for the program, and the rest of your life

  • Create your own volunteer projects based on your skills & interests

  • Opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Israeli youth

  • Unique chance to live in an Israeli community, while getting paid

  • Work alongside your peers 25 hours a week in a local school, teaching English

  • The kids learn English and have you as a mentor. Everyone wins!

  • Experience local life & be immersed in Israeli culture

  • GET PAID with a generous stipend from Masa and the Israel Ministry of Education!


Upon arrival all participants in Masa Israel Teaching Fellows will take part in an intensive orientation to prepare you to start working in school. This orientation will provide information regarding all aspects of Israel's educational system including the English curriculum, materials used, teaching styles and techniques, classroom culture and more! This time is used to help prepare you for your role as an English teacher or teaching assistant. Additionally, from the very first week, all MITF fellows participate in Ulpan (Hebrew learning). Ulpan will give you the tools necessary to immerse yourself in Israeli society, as well as to interact with your students on a deeper level. 



As an MITF Fellow, you will spend 4 days (~25 hours) each week as an English teacher or teaching assistant in a local elementary or middle school, whose educational systems traditionally lag behind those in more affluent areas of Israel. Your work is crucial in helping to provide equal educational opportunities to both Arab and Jewish youth, while providing under-achieving students with important role models. 


In addition to your time with students, Fellows choose a secondary community volunteer project for approximately 5 hours a week, with different options available depending on your city placement and according to your background and interests. Some past projects include coaching sports, directing after-school drama programs, and working with adults on English reading and speaking skills.

Learn more about the types of projects fellows have taken on.


As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in excursions and cultural travel experiences all around Israel that will expose you to modern Israeli society, the many layers of Jewish history, and the natural beauty of Israel. Every trip is led by professional guides, and all of the travel expenses are included. Evening programs such as speakers, presentations, and organized social nights are also scheduled periodically. BINA is an educational organisation, so you'll also have the opportunity to develop your Jewish identity and connection to Israel through a variety of discussion-based classes.



On MITF with BINA you'll live in an apartment with other fellows from the program, sometimes walking distance from the school. Your apartment will be equipped with all of the basics (furniture, kitchen supplies, etc.), as well as wireless internet. You'll get to experience day-to-day life in your community, alongside your Israeli neighbors, and will also be part of a community of young Israeli activists from other BINA projects in the area.

Applications for MITF 2020-2021 are opening soon!
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