Why Teach English in Israel?


Looking to do something meaningful AND strengthen your career?

There are many reasons to teach English in Israel on MITF (Masa Israel Teaching Fellows)! We’ve selected our top 5.

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Why Teach English in Israel: Reason 1

Do Something Meaningful

English is a key to success in our increasingly globalized world. When you teach English in Israel to kids from underprivileged backgrounds you’re giving them a ticket to a brighter future - higher education, careers in tourism, hi-tech, and more. While Israel might be the “Start Up Nation”, Israel needs more English teachers (especially native speakers!) to bridge educational and economic gaps, to help kids from disadvantaged backgrounds share in the opportunities.

And when you teach English in Israel, you won’t just be sitting behind a desk! You’ll be working face-to-face with amazing kids and you’ll get to watch them grow. You’ll be a teacher, a friend, and a mentor. You’ll make a permanent impact on their lives and they’ll remember you forever. And you’ll never forget them either.  

When you teach English in Israel you make a real difference in the lives of Israeli kids - and your life will never be the same.

2) Gain Professional Training and Experience

No teaching experience? That’s ok. MITF provides you with all the training and mentorship you need to teach English. And don’t worry, if you’re not a trained teacher, you won’t have to teach a class on your own. You’ll get to work alongside an experienced teacher and work with individual students or small groups - giving special attention to the kids who need it most - while building teaching skills.

You’re already a certified teacher? Up your game and expand your skill set with new training and experiences in a new country and cultural milieu. Work with experienced Israeli teachers and make new colleagues and friends.

Whether your an experienced teacher or not, or whether you’re planning a career in education or not, when you teach English in Israel, you gain valuable professional training and experience to advance your career and make your resume stand out.

3) Live Abroad - Feel At Home

Many employers today are looking for people with international experience. And besides, there’s nothing like expanding your horizons and living in a different country. And it’s much easier to do it while you’re young, before life’s commitments catch up with you.

When you teach English in Israel you get to having a dynamic international experience - living in a country that is a mix of East and West, Europe and Middle East, Developed and Developing, while enjoying the creature comforts that you’re used to. (Especially in you’re in a city like Tel Aviv!)

MITF provides fully furnished housing with wifi and utilities, a structured professional and social framework, and everything you need to feel at home away from home. Plus you’ll be in Israel, where people go out of their way to make you feel at home.

4) Experience Israel Like a Local

Maybe you’ve visited Israel as a tourist. Maybe you’ve even traveled around a bit. But there’s nothing like actually living in Israel. When you teach English in Israel on MITF, you’ll live in an apartment in an Israeli neighborhood and you’ll make Israeli friends at the school were you teach and all throughout the city where you live.

You’ll learn Hebrew (and in some cases, Arabic too!) in Hebrew classes and by practicing it every day at work and around town. You’ll also have classes and activities about Israeli culture and society and you’ll get to travel around Israel, meet different people, and explore other sides of Israel most people never get to see.

After you teach English in the mornings, you’ll have lots of free time in the afternoons, evenings and weekends to enjoy life in Israel - especially if you’re living in a fun city like Tel Aviv!

5) Save and Earn Money

In lots of “teach English abroad” programs you end up losing money because of all the expenses involved. But when you teach English in Israel on Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, you’ll make money, because your program is heavily funded by Masa and the Israel Ministry of Education. The program includes fully furnished housing (an especially great deal in a big city like Tel Aviv with normally high rent!) with wifi and utilities, a flight reimbursement, health insurance, public transportation, and a generous monthly stipend for all the rest.


In other words, you'll teach English in Israel and get paid!

What are you waiting for? 
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